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New Releases

Southwinds Music, Inc.

18916 Nordhoff Street

Northridge, CA 91324



Southwinds Music Recordings is pleased to announce a new compact disc release of Maracátu (SWR 062) featuring Elisabeth Waldo, Composer/Violinist and her Ensemble.


Originally released in 1959 as an LP on Barbary Coast Recordings (BC33022) featuring Music composed or arranged by Elisabeth Waldo, this Recording marked the beginning of her creative output based on her explorations of Indigenous Central and South American Music.


Elisabeth Waldo’s music evokes an ancient and mysterious world of Indigenous and Afro-Hispanic Music of the Americas. She captures the dazzling colors and intense spirit of the traditions while developing uniquely individual musical “expression”.


Performers include Elisabeth Waldo, violin; Peter Mercurio, bass; Burnett Atkinson, woodwinds; Guy Horn, guitar; Chet Ricard and José Pablos, percussion.


About the Release of this historic compact disc, Maestra Elisabeth Waldo said, “Having composed an extensive Catalog of music since the release of this album, hearing these Tracks again brings back the tender emotion of my first commercial Release.”


Southwinds Music Recordings offers several compact discs of Elisabeth Waldo’s Music including: Land of Golden Dreams SWR 059; Heartstrings: Soul of the Americas SWR 060; and Viva California., and soon-to-be release The Lost Violin SWR 063 and Isle of the Blue Dolphins.

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