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Elisabeth Waldo Compositions and Arrangements

Elisabeth Waldo has composed more than 200 pieces of music that “fuse” ethnic and classical aesthetics, resulting in Mixteca Music, of which she is a pioneer. She has composed a variety of Instrumental and vocal compositions.  In the near future, Mundoamericas Music Publishing (ASCAP) and Mixteca Music Publishing (BMI) hope to offer scores and parts of her compositions for purchase or rental through this website. 

Selected Compositions of Maestra Elisabeth Waldo:


Alessandro’s Lament

Animal’s World

The Ballad of Lola Montez

Balsa Boat

The Barrio Suite

Battle of the Wooden Men

Bay of a Thousand Smokes

Birch Bark Song

Birds and Animals

Bossa Pan-America

Calafia Calls (Gritos de Calafia)

Cancion del Carretero

Canoe Song


Capistrano Nights (Noches de Capistrano)

Caravan in the Desert


Chant to the Sun

Chilean Fiesta Dance

Chinese Suite for Children

Chumash Wolf Chase

Concepcion and Rezanov (Conception y Rezanov)

Concierto Indo-Americano

Corrido de don de Anza

Cortez and Montezuma “cues”

Creation Music of the Popol Vuh
Cueca Chilena

Dance of the Nustas

Dance of the Vaqueros

De Anza March

Dentro un Jardin de la Mission

Devil’s Entrance


El Portal

Entering the Stream

Entrance of Pizzaro


Fandango Californianos

Fandango California No. 2

Fando Nuevo

Father Serras Blessing Song

Festival of Texcatlipoca

The First Festival of Los Angeles

Golden Mountain Theme (Tema de la Montana Dorada)

Grinding Song

Himmo del Alba

History of Mexico Suite (Theme)

Home Scene (Theme)

I Coos

In a Buddhist Temple (En el Templo Budista)

In a Mission Garden

Incan Festival Dance

Indian Lullaby

Indian Procession

Ishi Remembered (Recordando a Ishi)

Jarabes Mestizos

La Isla Fabulosa

La Llorona

La Rosa y el Capote

Lost on Paradise Island

Journey Song

Land of Golden Dreams

Land of the Sun Kings

Making Chicha


Man and Woman Theme


March and Prayer on the Trail

March y Plegaria en El Sender

Mass of the New World

Mejorana y Socavon

Men of Mud

Messages in Clay, Suite for pre-Columbian instruments

Mountain Spirit Dance

Mr. Chinatown L.A.

On a Mystic Island

On the High Plateau

Oracion de Carretero

Panamanian Tamborito Dances

Papaganga Lament

Passing the Book

Penitente Procssion

People of the Book

Peary to the North Pole Cue

Poem for Our Lady of Angels (Poema para Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles)


El Popol Vuh

Procession del Rey Maya

Procession for the Californios

Procession of the Priests

Punto Classico Cumbias

Quechuan Love Song

Ritual of the Human Sacrifice

Rose and The Robe

Round Dance

Russian River (Rio Ruso)

Saycuscai (The Weary Stones)

Seri Fisherman Song

Seri Lullaby

The Serpent and the Eagle


Song of the Chasqui

Song for Gathering Acorns

Song for the Mountain Spirits

Swing the Quipu


Temple of Macuilizochitl

Toil Song

The Tree of Life


Vaqueros at the Roundup

The Vision Theme

Viva California Suite

Voice from the Earth


Who Will Weep When All is Gone

Within the Temple of Macuillizochitl

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