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Lifetime Achievement Award 

Teatre Des Artes, Mexico City


1999 Los Angeles 

Music Week Award 

Elisabeth Waldo, composer, with other chosen distinguished artist honorees of the world community of music

Los Angeles Music Week Committee


Award of Recognition and Appreciation

Valley Institute of Visual Arts


Ambassador Award

People to People International


Lifetime Achievement Award

Music Center of Los Angeles, 

Education Division/Professional Artists in Schools


Award of Recognition 

(in conjunction with Music Center of 

Los Angeles/PASA Award) California Alliance for Arts Education


Commendation (in conjunction with Music Center of 

Los Angeles/PASA Award) California Department of Education


Certificate of Appreciation (in conjunction with Music Center of 

Los Angeles/PASA Award), Joel Wachs, President,  Los Angeles City Council



(in conjunction with Music Center of 

Los Angeles/PASA Award)

Mike Antonovich, Supervisor, Los Angeles County (5th District)


"Best of the West" Award

The Yeun Kong Foundation, March Fong Eu


Award of Appreciation

Los Angeles Valley  College Historical Museum


Award of Appreciation

Nothridge, California Chamber of Commerce


Award of Appreciation

Paula S. Boland, Member, California State Assembly (38th District)


Cultural Commendation

Tom Bradley, Mayor of Los Angeles, California


Award of Appreciation Artes de Mexico Festival


Gershwin Award The Cultural Foundation


Congressional Recognition Award

Honorable Esteban E. Torres, Member, U.S. Congress


Award of Merit California Historical Society


Certificate of Appreciation

Councilman Hal Bernson on behalf of the Community of Northridge, CA


Certificate of Appreciation, Delta Kappa Gamma Society International


Certificate of Honor. International Institute for the Study of Women in Music


Certificate of Appreciation

28th Street School/Arts In Education/Performing Tree


Certificate of Appreciation for four-year Governorship,

Los Angeles Chapter National Academy of Recording 

Arts and Sciences


Commendation Historical Society of  Southern California


Bronze Finalist Award for "Messages in Clay"

Information Film Producers of America, Inc. (IFPA)


Gold Medallion Latin American Network (Mexico City)


Radio - TV Award, Sigma Alpha Iota


Composer’s Award, ASCAP


Nominee for "Folk Mass" Emmy Awards

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