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This website has information regarding:

  •     Maestra Elisabeth Waldo

  •     Mundoamericas Music Publishing (ASCAP)

  •     Mixteca Music Publishing (BMI)

  •     Southwinds Music, Inc. (compact disc and video productions)

  •     Events at the Elisabeth Waldo New Mission Theatre

Welcome to my new world of Mestizaje Music!


After Studies in classical music at the Curtis Institute upon the recommendation of Jascha Heifetz, I was auditioned by the legendary Conductor, Leopold Stokowski, and invited to be a member of the first violin Section of his newly formed All-American Youth Orchestra to tour - South America.  How wonderful!


After one year as a First Violin in the LA Symphony Orchestra, I toured as a solo violinist in Panamá, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Cuba. These performances in Latin America inspired me to create my own Compositions, “fusing” Ethnic and Classical aesthetics. I became a pioneer in introducing Mixteca Music—a style which fuses the music of Indigenous peoples with the world’s classical music Traditions. I strive to “capture” the spirit, color, and extraordinary depth of expression found in these ancient cultures and their Musical Instruments. In recent years, I have also introduced Asian music and dance traditions through my recently established SWR Publications to Educational Institutions and the concert worlds through live performances.


All in all, I have composed more than 200 works, for the Concert Stage, Film and Television, now recorded on compact discs and DVDS. For the first time, I am making the scores and parts available for performances by Instrumentalists and Singers (Please visit the Music Shop on this Site!). Also, I am thrilled to be available for solo lecture/demos of my many music styles.


Thank you so much for your interest. I do  look forward to hearing from you soon!

                                                                                                                    Elisabeth Waldo

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“Ms. Waldo was the first to record rare pre-Columbian instruments and to re-create the long-forgotten music of indigenous peoples. Ms. Waldo combines ancient instruments and scales with modern ideas. The result is awesome and beautiful. "Dada' quariums Exotica Newsletter​


“Drawing upon her classical background, her love of native America, Asia, and all of the cultures of the world, Elisabeth Waldo shares her beautiful talents...brings us music and joy unbounded! Paul Apodaca, Native American Art Expert and Musician


E V E N T S​


December 15. 2019   Sunday

Holidays at the Rancho

Candle Light Procession

Christmas Dinner Show with

Live Singing and Dance



Reservation by Donation 818 -993-1669


August 2017

Historic compact disc release of Elisabeth Waldo's Maracatu, as demanded  by her fans. 

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